Monday, July 15, 2013


Blogging is a big time business in the world today,in fact there are many Nigerians making a killing daily from blogging and i will be talking extensively on one of them who incidentally is a female and is making a living and i mean,living large from her blog.

Introducing one of Nigeria"s biggest and richest bloggers LINDA IKEJI..this is a lady i admire so much in the blogging industry and has carved a niche for herself as a celebrity blogger and this has taken her to so many countries in the world and she has lots of fan across the globe who visit her blog everyday for juicy information.

Like i said,Linda carved a niche for herself and that has been her selling point,if you want to succeed as a blogger then you must have a niche area to concentrate on and develop yourself in that niche to get the audience you desire.if you check her blog,you will discover adverts from idividuals and coporate bodies and even adsense,she is making lots of cash monthly just doing what she loves,that takes me to the next point-YOU MUST HAVE A PASSION FOR BLOGGING-thats the only way you can last as long as she has in the blogging industry


It is no longer news that the internet has become a business hub in the world and Nigeria is involved in the day to day happenings in the internet. The internet is the largest library or reservoir of information that has ever been known or made available to man. Experts estimate that there are over 23 billion pages of information available on the net and these pages cover every area of human endeavor need or enterprise. Tens of millions of people worldwide are increasingly turning to the internet to get information on one area of their life or the other and hence the internet has become a source of livelihood for so many people doing different kinds of business.
In Nigeria, the internet is widely accepted and used both by the old and young. Some Nigerians have made the internet a place where they perpetuate all manner of fraud. These young men and women popularly referred to as ‘419ners' or yahoo boys have made the internet a nightmare for Nigerians trying to do genuine business on the net. Nigeria and Nigerians have been given a bad image in the internet as no foreigner would want to do business with a Nigerian.
I began to garner information on the internet and internet businesses from independent newspapers especially the internet wealth column by femi gbadamosi and uju onyechere ,my interests in following up their articles led me to the cyber caf├ęs where I spent nights trying to register with some online forums and sites, most of these sites have a phobia for Nigerians, they make sure that Nigeria is not in the list of countries in their sites. I remember a particular site that sent me an e-mail after I registered with them and bluntly told me that they cannot do business with Nigerians, I was flabbergasted at their response.
However, I do not blame most of them because of their decision to stay clear of Nigerians, apparently it is clear that we are the cause of their rejection. every day when I read the mails in my e-mail box I see letters sent by these good for nothing Nigerians posing as foreigners and offering people juicy deals on the internet .it is very appalling and disheartening to note that all my efforts to convince these sites of my genuine intentions yielded no fruit
Every time I visit the net, I try to showcase my talents by writing articles,blogs and even registering with some freelance sites to get freelance writing jobs, my efforts are always halted when I get to their mode of payment which involves the use of MasterCard visa cards and Paypal and it  is so frustrating that there are so many legal and genuine opportunities to earn a living from the internet but it has been made difficult by some unpatriotic Nigerians and the few who have an idea on how to make money on the internet try to sell some of these ideas at ridiculous prices.
Most Nigerians who want to do genuine business on the internet are either frustrated by the activities of yahoo boys or the cold treatment meted out to them by sites in America, Canada and most European countries. I sincerely want to state that this canker called corruption has given Nigeria and Nigerians in the Diaspora a bad name, and most times, because of our reputation as been a corrupt nation, we are given savage treatments when we visit other countries.
Methinks that it is high time we join hands together to fight this menace called corruption by instituting stiffer penalties for anyone caught using the internet for scams and fraudulent activities.


one of the major reasons why most people fail in their internet business is lack of a winning attitude.many a times they come up with a can't-get-it-done attitude which cannot lead anyone to the corridors of success.your attitude to setbacks and problems encountered on the internet will determine your altitude.
so many great accomplishments by great internet gurus like Ewen Chia,Warren Buffet,Brian Tracy and Robert Allen were borne out of an attitude that says YES when every other thing is saying NO.success on the internet is not an overnight affair,it is achieved through a winning attitude.
The first major victory in internet business is convincing yourself that anything is must first believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve with can accomplish great feats in your internet business and be ranked among the gurus,developing an attitude of possibility is the winning attitude for internet success.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


It is very saddening when you read some articles online about people complaining that they were ripped off by an internet marketer,some of them complain bitterly about the bogus promises made to them by the marketer in order to get their hard earned money and after that leaves them in the cold as regards how to actually make money from the information product sold to them

Sincerely,i have been there once,a victim of so many novices who claim to be gurus but turn out to be learners themselves,i practically decided to succeed on my own by learning the ropes the hard way which indeed is the only way you can succeed on the internet.I would be sharing some success secrets that i had to apply that has helped me this far in my internet walk.

Do you really think you can make a dime online if you are not ready to invest in acquiring useful information that will guide you to where you want to be,that brings me to success tip number one which is ACQUIRE 

Knowledge is one of the key factors to succeeding on the internet,you become a god to others when you know what they dont have the slightest idea about and what can be of benefit to them,so success becomes cheap when there is availability of knowledge which does not come cheap,you have to attend seminars,not just any kind of seminar but with people with  proven records in the same area you want to build a living on,it may be expensive but it going to be a great asset to you in no distant time.

i will continue this series next week.cheers to your success

Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello Guys,

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Friday, February 8, 2013


Welcome to the year 2013 and i am deliberately writing this post from the confines of my bedroom to every serious minded person who wants to make legitimate money from the internet in 2013,its important that you get to follow this post from today as it will run all through the month of  february.

There are 7 legitimate ways of making income online and if you are a Nigerian,you should be excited cos most of these online money making programs can pay you here in Nigeria easily via your visa cardsi woill be discussing and giving you secrets on how to succeed in these online programs which are

These are confirmed ways of making money online in 2013.i will start today's post by  giving you all the nitty gritty secrets and info's you need about how to start an internet business.firstly,you need to get a laptop,preferably a Pentium M,an internet modem with a good telecoms company and finally,choose a business model amongst the ones i will be proffering and some others i didn't mention now which i will in subsequent posts and then finally,DETERMINATION because you will be needing it to stay focused and committed to your goal

Cheers to your success
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