Saturday, October 13, 2007

how to carve a niche online

A niche is something that sets your business apart from your is an idea,feature,or exceptional strategy that gives you an edge over others on the internet.nowadays,especially online,you need a uniqueniche,something other blogs or websites are not must be able to offer your visitors quality content and free information which is printable for them to either bookmark your blog or website and stay longerin your site.

10 ways to create an order pulling niche muct create contents which have been tested and proven by others to be effective. must market products that acheive results faster thereby creating the niche as a very good prducts site.

3you must take credibility seriously,the longer the period you have been in bussiness,the more people can trust you. must create products that are easy to use,people don't want to read a 200 page hard to understand instruction manual. must create products that are safe to use

6.always give out your products at a cheap or discounted price

7.always show proof of your products endorsement by others
package your products attractively,it gives it an edge over others

8.always create a guestbook where you visitors leane comments

9.deliver your products to your customers truthful,dont add false contents

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