Thursday, October 11, 2007

the secrets of forex trading

The FOREX or foreign exchange is the planets biggest most liquid market place in the world with an estimated daily turnover of 1.8 trillion changes hands in the forex market everyday than all other markets on earth combined.
most people have no idea of what FOREX is and how it affects their lives.the forex market was initially meant for major banks,multinational companies and the mega wealthy because of the amount of money required to fund the trading amount which is up to one million USD or more as at that time.just recently,the internet has made it possiblefor the common man like you and i to partake in the world's biggest financial market.
twelve years ago,it would cost an individual a million or more dollars to participate with the big boys in this lucrative trading bussiness,today you can open a trading account with as low as 250 USD.this opportunity is open to everyone,anywhere in the world.most people lose money trading on forex because of improper education on how the market works.the only way to become a successful trader is to arm yourself with all the neccessary information on how the market operates.


The first step to joining the forex marketbis to open an account with a forex need the following to start.

.open a domiciliary account or an e-gold account for free at

these steps are easy to follow,as a nigerian you can open a dollar {domicilliary} account at the following banks

Guaranty trust bank{GTb}
First bank plc
united bank for Africa{UBA}

the minimum opening balance for a dollar account in GTB is 100USD.the e-gold account is an online account which helps you buy and sell online with ease.log on to and register for free,then fund your account by visiting

there are many forex brokers availaible on the internet but i recommend rhe following

These brokers will require the following documents from you to open an account with them
.A good form of identificatin{international passport,national i.d.,drivers licence}
with these you are on your way to financial freedom.

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