Thursday, October 11, 2007

what's the fuss about forex?

the name 'FOREX' is fast becoming a common slang amongst Nigerians both old and young.every body is eager to enter the forex market and start making thousands of dollars as promised by most nigerians who call themselves forex is no longer news that forex trading is the most sought after information in nigeria and thus,most nigerians have turned it into a money spinning venture by organizing forex seminars with loads of promises on how people can earn money everyday in the forex market,they charge exurbitant fees ranging from 15,000 to 75,000 naira for intensive forex coaching as they call it.some of them offer incentives like free manuals for begginners,comprehensive trading manuals,software and free demo account running into thousands of dollars.
most of these so called forex proffessionals are not really what they claim to be,most of them hold seminars on saturdays when we all know that the market closes on a friday,in a nutshell,forex trading is a geniune and lucrative way of earning income without involving in fraudulent activitie on the internet,but in our quest for information we must be wary of some forex trading proffessionals who claim to know all abot forex but in the realsense have nothing to offer eccept downloaded cd's and training manuals from foreign forex proffesinals.if you need information on how to start trading in forex leave a reply and i will gwt back to you.

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