Tuesday, November 20, 2007

forex brokers

brokers are companies online who trade in forex and offer their trading platforms to individual and companies who wish to join the forex market.they teach you forex through their demo account in which they offer you money to trade with and learn the ropes.they also offer books to help a newcomer learn all about forex.they also offer leverages for trading in forex.some recommended forex brokers i know include







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why trade forex?

Although the Forex market is by far the largest and most liquid in the world, day traders have up to now focused on seeking profits in mainly stock and futures markets. This is mainly due to the restrictive nature of bank-offered Forex trading services.

There are many advantages to trading spot Forex as opposed to trading stocks and futures. In the peoples mind there is this opinion that brokerage firms and analysis’s can change the flow of the currency. But in reality, FOREX is an independent international foreign exchange market which can be influenced by many factors but NOT by the wants(wills) of traders and brokerage firms.Because of its diversity you are able to trade FOREX 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. US, Europe and Asia the major trading sessions enable you to trade on your own schedule and make a quick respond to breaking news from all continents of the world no matter where you are located.

Complied benefits from both high leverage and potential profits from both rising and falling market, Forex is very interesting for speculators from every point of view. For example, with $10,000 cash in a standard account that allows 1:100 leverage (1%), you can control up to $1,000,000 in notional value. forex NO commissions or fees, simply take all your profits with you. Commission-free trading is one of the most attractive features of forex trading.

The dealing spreads are as low as 2 pips(for EUR/USD). Providing a more comfortable environment when trading. Versatility all around The overall volume of FOREX market is $2 trillion. Almost all the amount of the volume involves trading of the major currency pairs, NorthFinance clients enjoy tight spreads on these pairs.

what are candlesticks?

Back in the day when Godzilla was still a cute little lizard, the Japanese created their own old school version of technical analysis to trade rice. A westerner by the name of Steve Nison “discovered” this secret technique on how to read charts from a fellow Japanese broker and Japanese candlesticks lived happily ever after. Steve researched, studied, lived, breathed, ate candlesticks, began writing about it and slowly grew in popularity in 90s. To make a long story short, without Steve Nison, candle charts might have remained a buried secret. Steve Nison is Mr. Candlestick.
Okay so what the heck are candlesticks?
The best way to explain is by using a picture:
  • Candlesticks are formed using the open, high, low and close.
  • If the close is above the open, then a hollow candlestick (usually displayed as white) is drawn.
  • If the close is below the open, then a filled candlestick (usually displayed as black) is drawn.
  • The hollow or filled section of the candlestick is called the “real body” or body.
  • The thin lines poking above and below the body display the high/low range and are called shadows.
  • The top of the upper shadow is the “high”.
  • The bottom of the lower shadow is the “low

forex charts