Friday, June 25, 2010

How to Fail as a forex trader[part 1]

Hello Guys,

its good to be back again after a long absense from my blog.i have been so busy with work and rarely had time to post articles on my is really disheartening the way Nigerians lose money in forex trading and yet its one of the best avenue to make a living online.

A man walked into my office three days ago lamenting how he had lost $33,000 to a forex trader who he contracted to trade forex on his got me thinking and so u decided to pen down this article.

Firstly,i want people to understand that forex trading is like any other offline business venture and demands training,constant focus and patience to get the desired results.many a times people are led to believe that you can make millions of dollars from forex trading in one day,thats total NONSENSE

You need to be properly trained and equiped with the neccessary skills and knowledge to succeed as a forex trade.people lose money due to certain factors which could either be greed,impatience or so many other factors.

Watch out for more on this topic soon