Saturday, May 21, 2011


Forex Robots or expert advisors are scripts coded with automated forex trading strategies. You import the scripts into MetaTrader platform and your robot will enter/exit trades for you automatically 24 hours around the clock. As such. you have to always leave your pc on. If not, you can host your forex trading robot on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

In Nigeria,a lot of so called forex gurus and experts have over-hyped forex robots and are currently deceiving a lot of newbies into the forex world.So many people have gotten their accounts wiped out by these forex robots and so i decided to speak out after being silent on the issue for a long time.

I am a forex trader and i must tell you CATEGORICALLY,you don't need a forex robot to succeed in the forex market,all you need is PRACTICE,CONSTANT PRACTICE and PATIENCE to stick to a winning strategy.These gurus are only trying to cover up for their losses in the market by selling robots which cannot give maximum profits,believe me,i have seen many people who started with large account ending up with losses because of these robot.i will not mention any name but i believe that a word is enough for the wise.