Monday, July 15, 2013


Blogging is a big time business in the world today,in fact there are many Nigerians making a killing daily from blogging and i will be talking extensively on one of them who incidentally is a female and is making a living and i mean,living large from her blog.

Introducing one of Nigeria"s biggest and richest bloggers LINDA IKEJI..this is a lady i admire so much in the blogging industry and has carved a niche for herself as a celebrity blogger and this has taken her to so many countries in the world and she has lots of fan across the globe who visit her blog everyday for juicy information.

Like i said,Linda carved a niche for herself and that has been her selling point,if you want to succeed as a blogger then you must have a niche area to concentrate on and develop yourself in that niche to get the audience you desire.if you check her blog,you will discover adverts from idividuals and coporate bodies and even adsense,she is making lots of cash monthly just doing what she loves,that takes me to the next point-YOU MUST HAVE A PASSION FOR BLOGGING-thats the only way you can last as long as she has in the blogging industry

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