Saturday, July 6, 2013


It is very saddening when you read some articles online about people complaining that they were ripped off by an internet marketer,some of them complain bitterly about the bogus promises made to them by the marketer in order to get their hard earned money and after that leaves them in the cold as regards how to actually make money from the information product sold to them

Sincerely,i have been there once,a victim of so many novices who claim to be gurus but turn out to be learners themselves,i practically decided to succeed on my own by learning the ropes the hard way which indeed is the only way you can succeed on the internet.I would be sharing some success secrets that i had to apply that has helped me this far in my internet walk.

Do you really think you can make a dime online if you are not ready to invest in acquiring useful information that will guide you to where you want to be,that brings me to success tip number one which is ACQUIRE 

Knowledge is one of the key factors to succeeding on the internet,you become a god to others when you know what they dont have the slightest idea about and what can be of benefit to them,so success becomes cheap when there is availability of knowledge which does not come cheap,you have to attend seminars,not just any kind of seminar but with people with  proven records in the same area you want to build a living on,it may be expensive but it going to be a great asset to you in no distant time.

i will continue this series next week.cheers to your success

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